Charges against filmmaker Deia Schlosberg suspended

December 1, 2016

From filmmaker Deia Schlosberg:


“I do have an update that I’d like to share: my prosecution has been officially suspended by the state of North Dakota. Which is to say, the State acknowledged that I am an established filmmaker and that no public interest would be served by continuing the prosecution.


There are still certainly many questions about press freedom that need to be addressed, particularly in light of the recent election, but I’m thankful that in my case the state of North Dakota has recognized that simply doing my job should not be criminalized.


I look forward to turning my attention back to telling the story of the action itself, which, in solidarity with those at Standing Rock, seeks to bring light to the climate emergency and resulting humanitarian crisis that’s already occurring.”



(Deia accepting the award for Best Documentary for HOW TO LET GO at the Environmental Media Association Awards)


Background: On October 11th, HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD AND LOVE ALL THE THINGS THAT CLIMATE CAN’T CHANGE producer Deia Schlosberg was arrested and charged with three felonies for reporting on a climate change action where five citizens turned the emergency shutoff valves on pipelines in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Washington, effectively shutting down all transportation of tar sands oil from Canada into the US.


HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD cameraman Steve Liptay was also reporting on the Shut It Down action and has been charged with two misdemeanors in Minnesota. The State of Minnesota continues to pursue the charges against him. He is fighting the charges on the grounds it was his first amendment right to report on the action.  You can support his legal fund HERE.


From filmmaker Steve Liptay:

“The only trespassing that warrants punishment by our justice system is the trespassing that the fossil fuel industry is perpetrating on our water, our land and our collective future. They aid and abet our addiction to fossil fuels by manipulating our politics with propaganda that pays no attention to science or the terrifying conditions being brought forth by climate change.


I was simply documenting two incredibly brave activists taking direct action to protect our water, our land and our future. We have an obligation to tell these stories.”


We are immensely grateful to everyone who has shown support for our crew over the past several weeks. And we hope you will continue to share Deia and Steve’s critical reporting on climate change. You can watch their work in HOW TO LET GO OF THE WORLD today on HBOGO, iTunes and Amazon.


Today, the truth on climate change is under attack. Our rights are under attack. It’s up to us to educate and mobilize our communities on climate change. It’s up to us to continue to fight for our first amendment rights to peaceful assembly and free press.


We will continue to report from the front lines of the fight to stop fossil fuels. We need you to keep sharing.


In love and solidarity,